3 Steps To Create A Marketing Plan For A Baller On A Budget

Updated: May 13, 2020

By writing this piece, you have to know that I have your best interest at heart. I’m basically telling you that you have the option of not hiring me! Call me crazy for giving you the inside scoop on creating a marketing plan without requiring some form of payment, i.e. money, coffee, food, babysitting…, but I know what it’s like to not have the money in the budget for a professional and scouring the internet for tips and researching out the wazoo. With that being said, here are the Lauren Hyland tips for ballers on a budget:

1. Find your ideal buyer and research their purchasing habits

Okay, so you have an idea for a business. Your thoughts are pretty scatterbrained at the moment because you don’t know where to begin the process. Well here it is, “Who is buying from me, how are they going to find me, and how are they going to pay me?” What is the demographic you are aiming for? Are they older people who still enjoy brick and mortar? Are they under 40 and tech savvy who almost exclusively purchase online? Are they college kids who are completely enthralled in Instagram ads and influencers? The answers to these 3 questions will get you started in the right direction.

2. Build your brand

Who are you? Why are doing it? What is your purpose? Be real. If you are trying to fit into a mold because you think it will make you more money or garner you more business, think again. You will never find your ideal client or buyer by being fake. Not to mention, can you imagine having to “act” for forever instead of doing what you love or are great at?! Find that niche, do what you are good at, show people your genuine intention and create your business out of that. Your brand is not what you create, it’s what people say and think about you.

3. Use what you know and learn the rest as you go

Being a baller on a budget, I’m betting you’re going to go to social media to create your buzz. Nowadays, we all know how to work social media to our advantage through hashtags or using influencers or drawing people to our blogs and websites, etc. Great, that’s what you know so start using it. But what about website building, CRM, invoices, taxes, all the stupid legal stuff that no one thinks about?! Keep grinding and learn it as you go. Take it a bite at a time so it doesn’t become overwhelming and check all those suckers off your list.

The first step is to start. Now go get that bread!

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