Achieving Goals With the Perfect Team

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

By Allison Webb, Marketing Strategist

Do you have a team put together to help you succeed in reaching your goals or are you trying to play the game solo? Maybe you are a “solopreneur,” but that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to walk on the field alone. Running a business can be lonely, even depressing at times. I believe that if you have the right people surrounding you that you will reach your goals faster and have more fun doing so. There are four parts to the team that will help you succeed in not only your business, but can be applied to any part of your life.

Every team, or even individual sport, has a coach. If we have goals that we want to obtain, the first thing we need to do is find someone who has had success at doing what we are trying to do, or had success at teaching others what we are trying to do and hire them to lead us (or ask them to mentor us). The coach needs to be someone that you keep in contact with and have regular set meetings. This can be in person meetings or online and need to be no less than once a month, especially if you are just starting out with a fresh new goal.

Why is it important to have a coach or mentor? Because they have already been where you are starting from. They understand your needs and know how to help you gain clarity and help you organize your thoughts and put a plan in place to get you from step one to step two and so on. A coach or mentor is there to help you plan, and put together a strategy to navigate and progress closer to your goals. We ALL need guidance and having someone that you can trust to ask questions is will cost a little money, but will save so much time.

Great teams always have the best cheerleaders, and you need them on your team as well. They can be family members, friends or coworkers, but they are people that you can count on and you can discuss your goals with. They have a positive attitude and encourage and support you. They are also who you will turn to for honest critiques. These are NOT people who question your goals and try to deter you from them. Your cheerleaders are the people in your life that are the most supportive and know how to give you positive feedback. Don’t count out your social media friends from this group. Get in private groups that are related to your business niche. These are the people that understand your struggles and will cheer you on with the biggest megaphones.

Of course there is also your teammate. You discuss your game plan together and call each other out when one of you drops the ball. You keep one another accountable for all the workouts, practices and arriving to the game on time. You also celebrate the big wins together! In business you and your accountability partner don’t need to actually work for the same company, but you do need to understand each other’s business.

The last part of your team is your field maintenance crew. These are the people that you hire out to do the things that make your job easier or that you flat out don’t have time for. This can be anything from a virtual assistant to a housekeeper. You can also be creative in how you get these services. Instead of a money transaction, there could be a trade in services. There could be a local high school or college student that would love to gain experience in your field and “intern” for you.

When it comes to achieving your goals, being surrounded by the right person for each of these roles is important. You’ve heard the saying that you’re like the five closest people that you hang around with. Parents love to use this line on their teenagers, but it can also apply to you in your business. To make this team work, make sure that you choose people that have the same values and moral compass that you have. Doing that will ensure that you put together a team that is fun to play alongside.

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