How To Make A Customer Satisfaction Survey Work For You

Being a marketing geek, I love surveys. If I have the time, I always try to take them because I know their benefit to the person sending them out. And because I also know how it feels when no one wants to take the survey that you poured blood sweat and tears into (womp womp). So how can we make a customer satisfaction survey work for you?

You know that saying about casting a wide net? Yeah, it’s one of my favorites alongside the one that goes “every no is a step closer to a yes.” Send the survey to ALL clients/buyers. Obviously, not everyone is going to take the time to fill it out and that’s okay. The more you send out and the more convenient you make it, the more surveys you shall receive. The more data you receive, the better you will be able to see the big picture, and I am ALL ABOUT the big picture.

Convenience is a big factor when it comes to surveys. Your sweet spot is no more than 10 questions with minimal writing portions, if any. Multiple choice is great, scaling is okay, “tell us about your visit/purchase/experience is No Bueno. If people are going to take the time to give you information that is going to be extremely beneficial to your business, be courteous of their time and attention span. Now, with only 10 questions, you really have to narrow down what you want to get out of the survey. Start with two or three generic questions so that you can compartmentalize the surveys based on what was purchased, when it was purchased, how it was purchased, etc. Then make sure the rest of the questions are very intentional to the information that you want to receive.

By now you may be thinking, “This seems like a lot more work than I planned” or “This isn’t going to work for the survey I had in mind,” consider what said survey format can do for your business. Increased retention will be a huge outcome of customer satisfaction surveys. If you wanted to, you could even pull people’s names from the survey (once you have adjusted based on the result of the survey) to say, “Hey {so and so}, I really appreciated your feedback on this survey. This is what I have done to better adjust to your thoughts and opinions.” {So and so} will feel like the cat’s meow and certainly buy from you again and tell their friends to buy from you since you are just soooooo customer centric.

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