How To Make The Perfect Letter Board Instagram Announcement

Let’s face it, letter boards are in and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere in the near future. Making a perfect letter board announcement is possible for anyone. I like to think that I am extremely creative. I love content creation and Instagram aesthetics and just about anything that can be created for marketing purposes. However, when my husband bought me my first letter board, I was very intimidated by all of the awesome letter board announcements that I had seen on Instagram. I was thinking, “I don’t have 20 succulents that I can put in this picture” or “I don’t have palm trees that can be seen in the background” or “I’m not that punny to be creating something that witty.” Just stop with the negative self talk! You can do it with hardly anything! I swear to you, in the beginning I only had a textured white blanket or my gray hardwood floor and those were the only backgrounds I used for letter board announcements pictures.

The goal is to make it work for your aesthetic. If you have a very earthy feel to your website or your Instagram, absolutely use those neutral colors or foliage in your picture. For example, have a letter board with your quote or announcement laying in the sand or grass or on a blanket with a succulent or sunglasses or brown leather notepad positioned around it.

In my case, everything I own is either black, gray, navy or army green. So my aesthetic is on the darker side. I like to use my gray wood flooring or a white blanket or a marble slab as my background and my letter board is black with a gray wood trim. For “accessories, I have used black-and-white pictures, Garland, my pregnant belly and even a TV remote.

The one major takeaway of creating the perfect letter board announcement is to make the letter board the focus of the picture. It should be the largest piece of the picture or the most in focus, everything else is simply an accessory. Do not, and I repeat, do not stress out about the accessories. Think about the letter board being your outfit on a special night out and the accessories are simply earrings, rings or bracelets. Let’s be real, you’re not going to overdo it on the costume jewelry and a tiara. If you’re still hesitant, google or Instagram search letter board announcements for inspiration and take the bits and pieces that you already have in your home to work to your advantage. Don’t think that you have to go out and buy something extravagant, everyone has some type of tchotchke.

Side note: this can totally be done with your iPhone! The trick is to get high enough above (if it's on a flat surface) that you’re totally centered above the picture frame. Barstools work great to give you a higher, wider view as would a ladder but regular kitchen chairs work just as well, especially if you need the high back for support 😉

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Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

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