How To Recognize Your Ideal Buyer By Personality Type

There are 4 personality categories that people fall into: driver, analytic, amiable, and expressive. When searching for your ideal buyer, look for the traits of a task oriented person. The “people” people are the most likely to make you feel good but the least likely to pull the trigger. {see chart below for further explanation}

The driver is very assertive and responsive, needs results, is action and task oriented, works quickly and decisively, and likes to be in charge. A driver is most likely the boss. There is a very high likelihood that your ideal buyer is a driver personality.

The analytical is not assertive or responsive, needs the facts, is steadfast, reliable, and dependable, is all about doing it right or not at all, wants to know how it is done, and needs to plan ahead. An analytical is the thinker, typically the numbers person such as a CPA. There is a good chance that your ideal buyer is in this category.

The amiable is not assertive but very responsive, needs relationship and loyalty, is a strong listener, and enjoys group work. An amiable is what is known as a people pleaser. There is a great chance that your ideal buyer is not an amiable.

The expressive is very assertive and responsiveness, is very excited and spontaneous, thrives off of energy, is very optimistic, and will accept through sociability. The expressive is that friend in your group that will hop on the bar and start dancing. There is a chance that this person could be your buyer if they do not have to report to anyone else.

Concentrate on the customer’s behavior and disregard how you feel about the behavior. Don’t let your feelings about the customer cloud your judgment or the research that you know to be true. Avoid assuming that specific jobs are associated with a personality. Test your assessments by looking for clues and information that may suggest you have incorrectly assessed a customer’s personality.

Understand that personalities cannot be changed, they are a part of who we are. So versatility is key. You need to adapt to other’s personalities to successfully communicate and sell. Successful communication in business brings increased production and satisfied clients.

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