Top 7 Tips Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Survive

By Cornelia Baum owner and creator of bohoLIVING and roadsideYOGA

So often you hear about stories of successful entrepreneurs. The underdogs who came from nothing and became millionaires and some even billionaires. People such as Tony Robbins (Business/Life Coach, Author, Philanthropist) , Dean Graziosi (Marketing Expert, Author, Philanthropist), John Paul DeJoria (Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Brand, Philanthropist). Then there is Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft) who both while starting college dropped out to pursue their dreams only to name a few.

What about the ladies you ask? We certainly can not forget about our beloved female entrepreneurs because many times they have an even harder time paving the way on what on many levels is a man’s playing field. I just read that it was only in 1974 that women were allowed to apply for a credit card without having to have their husband’s or father’s permission. Crazy right?!

Women like Oprah, Rebecca Minkoff (Clothing Designer and owner of ‘Rebecca Minkoff’ Company), Jamie Kern Lima (CEO of ‘It’ Cosmetics), Rachel Hollis (Business and Life Coach) to name a few. And a special shout out to my girl Jenna Kutcher who started her multiple 7-figure business all with a $300 camera she bought on Craigslist.

Each of these now famous entrepreneurs have an amazing story of how the defeated the odds and rose to the top.

While these are just some of the ‘oh so many’ who share these stories so openly. Sharing in their vulnerability, their hardships and journey.

Hearing them you can’t help but feel the motivation, their drive, you begin to feel you have a purpose…. A destiny…. That there is a bigger plan out there for you.

Then you dive in head first the deep end of starting your own business.

You have a dream and just know that the world will be a better place for it. But what happens when that drive runs out of gas. When the steam that fuels your motivation turns to ice. When you’re so exhausted you can’t bare to go on.

Well you can go back into the working world. Find a good company to work for, know that while you may still need to work hard, that you start at a designated time and end well at somewhat of a designated time. (My previous life I worked in Advertising/Production World and rarely was 5pm quitting time a norm)

Or you decide to take the latter, because somewhere inside of you there is something that wants to brush yourself off and try again.

No one tells you how hard it’s going to be. No one tells you that at times you’re going to question everything, that people are going to look at you like you have horns on your head and well that you are going to fail, and fail again and well fail a bunch more times.

So let’s start by saying…

1) YOU DID NOT FAIL - The first thing I learned was that setbacks are never failures. It may sound corny but they are learning experiences to know better and know more the next time. Many times something at the time may look like a failure but I see the only real failure is not trying at all. Sitting on the sideline or worse yet not even getting in the arena. Now maybe not everyone is made to play in the entrepreneur arena, which is fine, but then you don’t get to pretend like you know the game. Thank you Brene Brown! (You can check out here book “Daring to Lead”. here) Which leads me to the next point.

2) FIND YOUR TRIBE - While I’m someone who likes to know a little about a lot of things to be able to have conversations about different topics, when you are trying to create and bring your visions to life stay stay clear of anyone who doesn’t play in your arena. Nor should you try and play in theirs. I’m not saying divorce your partner, stop hanging out with your friends, or alienate yourself from the world you know to be normal. Believe me I’ve become a turtle and that wasn’t really the best plan. But DO find groups that support your visions.

Look for local organizations or people you can network with to have that good old fashion in person connection with. Tuesday Together are usually creative groups that foster support among the creative community. There are networking groups such as Business Networking International that you can join to find other local business and it’s main purpose it to support and refer to one another. You can also search on-line and there are many out there. Or start one of your own.

Even in an entrepreneurial world there are different groups so be sure you find one (or more) that support what you are trying to achieve. If you want to become a baker and own a cupcake shop then find other bakers, chefs, etc that you can aspire to. Not a contractor who owns his own business who doesn’t understand the cupcake world other than perhaps wanting a dozen of your goodies. Or if you’re looking to get into the online space and create a scalable business, don’t expect your local brick and mortar entrepreneurial tribe to understand. Maybe it’s something that they could do too, but please (and I point the finger to myself) don’t preach to them. Support them in what they do, buy local and maybe even add them to an insta story when you can.

While you are making new connections, PLEASE make sure you do your best to nurture those old friendships. While some people you may grow apart from, also know that not everyone is meant to stay in your life too and that’s okay too. But by all means do your best to maintain your relationships. Your ‘business’ is only ONE part of your life and the relationships you’ve made over the years are pieces of ALL of you.

3) CREATE A MORNING ROUTINE- One of the hardest things of working from home is that you never really can get away from work and it’s so hard NOT to wake up, go down to the kitchen and see your laptop and start in on the emails (if you haven’t already checked your phone and begin replying to emails you already saw there.) A morning routine can be as extensive or as simple as you want, but at least a few things that can be beneficial to creating a solid morning to base the rest of your day on.

My morning routine ‘in theory’ includes a special tea I like to drink, daily supplements, a walk (even if it’s around the block with my dog), a smoothie filled with fruit, greens and more supplements, and if possible a yoga class. While I like to GO to a yoga class, I get at least a few stretches in or small 10-15 minutes with one of my favorite online instructors. (It’s also motivation and research as I am working on my own online yoga course and membership.) 5 minutes meditation, gratitude and affirmation and a few other things but those I feel are the most important. I share my daily rituals in my private FaceBook Group that you are welcome to join. Just click here.

4) SET YOUR WORK HOURS AND STICK TO THEM - One of the easiest ways to get burnt out or quickly fall victim to entrepreneurial life is to ‘WORK ALL THE TIME. While yes, this life comes with some flexibility to pick up kiddos from school, while I don’t have kiddos I like to think I can go to that noon Yoga class. I used to find myself roll out of bed, hop on the computer and then not finish ‘working’ whether that means computer work, running around, prepping workshops, hosting workshops, weekend events. Be sure to give yourself time off! Again, while you are trying to reach that next step or ‘DO ALL THE THINGS”, be sure that you are doing all those other things or some of those other things that make you …. YOU! Again, just like your job doesn't define you… neither does your business.

4) MAKE YOUR HEALTH FIRST - I’ll admit as I dove further into the life of an entrepreneur this was the first to go. I quickly found myself head down that rabbit hole of work and trying to do and learn all the things. I’d quickly ‘not go for that walk’ or ‘not do my morning routine’ or ‘not go to yoga’ or not do ALL the things that were good for me because I started feeling the pressure

There are studies upon studies about daily movement and exercise, but there are just as many about how not only do you need it to be physically healthy but also mindfully healthy. Not to mention the bonus you are actually MORE productive when you work out. It’s a win win win. (Now if only there was a magically way to find the motivation to go sometimes!)

Do you best to follow a healthy diet. Now this doesn’t mean GO on a diet, but find what works for you and be sure to get as many healthy, nutrient rich foods in your day. WHAT YOU EAT makes a big impact on how you feel throughout your day and how you feel throughout your day makes a huge difference how how well you work throughout the day and how well you can balance ‘all the things’. If you want some recommendations on podcasts, people to follow in the fitness world or nutritional and wellness world send me a message. I’ve gone to extensive lengths to create something that worked for me because I realized how important this was.

5) ASK FOR HELP - Something I personally struggle with partially because a) I can’t always afford to hire out things that will take me way too much time and b) when I do muster up the gumption to ask someone for help and they don’t. But sometimes they simply can’t or their schedules and lives just don’t allow it, but sometimes you find out that they don’t support you in what you are doing. Which can be enough to be paralyzing.

But keep asking or go back to NUMBER 2 and find your tribe, and ask them. But keep asking and when you can delegate and hire out for all those things to allow time for you to focus ON your business so you don’t always have to work IN your business.

6) TAKE A COURSE OR TEN - It is imperative to keep learning and growing as a person and evolving so that you and your business can grow. Whether you are faced with needing to learn something specific for your business or want to learn to play the guitar and it has nothing to do with what is going on in your business. Continuously learning can only make you a better person and business owner.

If you are looking for any recommendations on courses I am more than happy to help. I’ve taken quite a few now and still learning. My business is still in infancy, but believe me I not only know what I need to do, I know now where I can get the answers to the things I still need to learn or find where I can outsource them.

7) JOIN A MASTERMIND - Whatever that looks like to you. It can be something with a business coach that you pay $15k (or more for) or it can be you with a few friends that hold each other accountable and that bring new ideas to the table. A group you can learn from and that supports you. This group is aside from your Tribe, this group is going to challenge you to become better, to think outside the box, to learn which in turn will make you and your business grow. You can be in one or a few depending on the structure of the group. But join them! Be accountable! Show up!

Now I will be the first to admit all of these for me are a work in progress. I still have a long way to go before I master all of these. But I realize as I get better at these they absolutely have a direct impact on my business.

Now go out there and try, try, try again! Each time you fall to your knees it gets easier and easier to get up. Life is always going to throw you curveballs but the more you practice hitting them the more you will hit them out of the ballpark.

If you want to find me on wonderful world of Social Media you can do it on Facebook or Instagram at either @boholivingcornelia (all things lifestyle and art) or @roadsideyoga (all things yoga). Or check my website I’d really love to hear from you!

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