Updated: Feb 21, 2020

By Shannon Haldeman owner of Scent With Love

Hello everyone! What an honor to be asked to blog here with all these extremely talented female entrepreneurs!! Considering some may say I have a ‘pretzel brain’ (a term given by my husband), meaning I always have a million things going on in my head.. how was I was going to pick just one topic to talk about?! I sat back and looked at the screen and realized I have 8 windows open with ‘flights to Yosemite’, ‘best ski resorts in the East’, ‘most beautiful time to visit Iceland’, etc. Ding ding ding!! WANDERLUST. We all have awfully busy schedules, but I believe making time to travel is one of the most important things you can do. I know many people would rather spend their money on material items, but I, on the other hand, long to see, smell, feel, hear new places constantly. I spend too much of my free time planning trips that may never happen or that I could leave for tomorrow. I plan my next adventures before I am even back from the one I am on. I budget my paychecks keeping spontaneous trips in mind. Here’s how I look at it – most likely, there will always be work. There will always be responsibilities. There will always be ‘not enough time’. But, there should also always be adventure. I know you’re all thinking... traveling is expensive. I don’t have enough days off. I have responsibilities at home. I’ll get around to it. But listen – travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. You come back with knowledge, memories, experiences, etc. It is always possible if you put your heart into it. Keeping in mind the size of the world, I have barely been anywhere. I am happy to say I crossed off 4 states and one country in the last 4 months and I have plans to travel to 2 more new states by July and also explore Italy, Croatia, and Greece!! Here are some of my favorite tips. Have you ever heard of the app skiplagged? Say you wanted to go to NYC. Skiplagged looks for flights with a layover in NYC and you pay to get off at the layover. Although, most times you can only take a backpack else your bags will end up at the final destination, you make it work. I can get a round-trip ticket to NYC for $100 using this app! Also, I am fortunate to have a flexible work schedule. A lot of times, I ask to work two 12-hour days out of my normal five 8-hour days, just so I can take off Friday and still have a normal 40-hour work week! To wrap this up, I remember sitting on rocks overlooking the ocean in Rhode Island and feeling so small. The waves were crashing onto the rocks with so much power. I remember feeling more recharged with each crashing wave. In that moment, every little stressor or worry in my life was gone. I think of this moment frequently to remind me how important it is to take time to do what you love. To grow. To chase that high. To wander. To find YOURSELF. Thank you for letting me talk your ear off about something so wholesome to me! Check out my non-profit Scent With Love, where we repurpose and recycle flowers from weddings and events to places in need around Pittsburgh.

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